“RusRoute firewall” installation and configuration demo video


   Video: Installation of RusRoute 1.7.7 on Windows 7 x64, 256 Kbits/sec, here is a avi (~70 MB) the original file.

Installation of RusRoute 1.7.7 на Windows 7 x64 (the installation process for Windows XP is significally easier)


   Previous (obsolate) video (all in English), sorry for my bad spoken English (no practice, just MIPT, not a MIT education :-) and just the single programmer):

  1. Making Internet gateway (xp1) for LAN (xp2).    68.1 Mb
  2. Activation of RusRoute xp1 through e-mail for increasing trial period by 2 times.    13.7 Mb
  3. Making Internet gateway (xp3) for LAN (xp4).   15.9 Mb
  4. Registering of RusRoute (xp3) to non-profit firm or for home using.   7.6 Mb
  5. Making VPN tunnel between computers xp1 and xp3.   24.5 Mb
  6. Union all 4 computers of two local area networks (LANs) using RusRoute VPN Bridge.   22.9 Mb
All above ordered video files are dated by 01.2009, the program is improved gracefully since that date.

K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1140_Standard.exe codecs  27.1 Mb  32/64 bits codecs August 24th 2015,  с from the official site
K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1140_Full.exe codecs   35.5 Мб
K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1140_Mega.exe codecs   39.6 Мб

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