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 Post subject: RMail
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:58 pm 

Joined: Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:15 am
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On the eve of the new year I have developed RMail - secure e-mail system with out of spam.

Minimal system requirements: Windows XP 32/64 bits, there is possibility to use this system on other (non-Windows) OS with TCP/IP networking support (see description below).

It is free, based on following for a certain numbers of gentlemen's rules.

Everybody who is interested in can join and test.
Version 1.1, without of documentation, the short installation instruction are the next:
You need to add user accounts in RMail.exe application:
Login and password are used for authenticate particularly user in e-mail client programs (that data are kept in your computer only), e-mail - can be choosen any for example, John@Brown, can not include .com, .ru or any other domain suffixes, because of the unique e-mail address space is used, allowed symbols are latin letters, numbers and '@', '.', '_' symbols.
Than You need to press Apply after keys are generated to register account on the server.

The program is starting SMTP and POP3 mail servers on local computer (for sending and receiving e-mails) on the ports user select in settings page (standard port numbers are 25 and 110 respectively).

The next steps are to add your account in your prefered e-mail client program such as "The Bat!" from RITLabs or Outlook (which exists in any distribution of Microsoft Office, starting with Standard version) for sending and receiving e-mails from address (in the case of RMail.exe is started on the same computer) with using of authentication by login and password you are used while RMail account creation.

The messages are transferred in secure mode with using of http (generic web) protocol.

The small drawback and feature of system is that mail checking is adding background tasks for downloading new messages, i.e. the new messages can be received by e-mail client program at the next mail checking after one ore more new messages is downloaded.

You should to receive welcome message from administrator of the system with brief rules of system and methods of prevention of spam within of one hour after registration is successful.

The current version is 1.1, for testing and investigation of fruitful of this question, it can be improved according users interest as it can be possible.

The current version is RMail 1.7
December 2010

 Post subject: Re: RMail
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:05 pm 

Joined: Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:15 am
Posts: 26
After RMail setup completed you should to go to Accounts page and to add new user account. Keys for interconnection are generated in the background. You can select your own secure code: you are need let to known it for your friends using RMail system who need to add you to they contact list and have Restricted (not Authorized) user level.

Than you should press Apply after keys generation is completed to send request to server. You will receive the unique user identificator in the case of success of registration and You can add users to your contact list (you have to known they e-mail and working at that time secure code) to send and receive e-mail messages to his/her, you can send messages to administrator of system too.

The another way of working is to enter your passport data in account settings (to update your data you can select Update account menu item) and to send e-mail message to administrator of the system with scan of passport is attached for validating and rising your user level to Authorized to allow you to send e-mail messages to any users of the system not only users added to your contact list. We are considering the other manners of authorization too, but described method is the simplest. Passport scans are kept within 7 days and than they are removed from hard disk, i.e. your documents have very small probability to be used in the other aims.
The next info user provided by himself is stored on the server:
Public part of keys, user name, e-mail, birthday date, passport data(text), secure code, autoreply message to be used to notify the user of manner of obtaining your secure code (the only English message is used in version 1.1), contact list and black list, statistics data.

The messages transferred between users can not to be read by other user or administrator of the system, because the unique key is generated while message sending.

RMail application is working as SMTP and POP3 servers what is allowed to use the most popular e-mail client programs for sending and receiving e-mail messages ("The Bat", Outlook or the other program for other types operation system, i.e. Linux and so on) with turning on authorization by login and password, entered in account settings. The IP address or name of server in e-mail client program can be used (when e-mail client and RMail program are started on the same computer).

RMail.exe program can be worked as portable from flash or other removable media, but it is creating some number of temporarily files (letters and so on) in subfolders.

You can send e-mail messages from RMail e-mail address to e-mail addresses of RMail system only (because of the unique e-mail address space is used).

When you adding user to your contact list than you are added in his/her contact list too (in the current version).
The lists and status updates are happen in e-mail checking or sending time.

 Post subject: Re: RMail
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:06 pm 

Joined: Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:15 am
Posts: 26
It is recommended to restart RMail.exe (by pressing Exit for saving configuration file) after registration is completed and to create or copy program shortcut to autorun menu.
You need direct http connection to a server (port 80, server is rmail.rusroute.ru), the working through proxy is not implemented now (you can use the other solutions for converting http to http proxy traffic, RusRoute firewall for example in the case you need that at this moment).
The messages information is shown in messages page. You can see here message status if it was sent/received and when. That information is updated while e-mail checking and reading. The maximum size of e-mail letter allowed is 100 MB (~70 MB attached files in the case of using standard Base64 encoding).

The next information is shown correctly in the incoming messages:
user name (as it was sent for authorizing), e-mail, message id (in RFC-822 headers), the message integrity is validating.

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